Tuesday’s Tale, 5/24/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday, another bit. But first, another word: I have, in fact, started my web serial. You can find it at:


I’ll be setting a link up to it on this blog as soon as I figure out how. 🙂

But for now, on to this particular show; five minutes on the clock and away we go:

Sometimes the best solutions were the easiest. She looked again at the guards on the roof; she looked more closely at their stations. They all had ropes and harness set aside nearby. She picked the station on the East; further away from the setting sun, it had more shadows.

She gathered the harness and rope slowly as a creeping glacier, using her new skill on it all the while. The guard fixed his head on a point far in the distance in response, and if anything got more vigilant. At least towards anything not on his left side and slightly behind him.

She waited a half-hour after gathering it up. It took that long to focus on him; then all of a sudden he looked to his right at something only he could see, and she jumped.

The wind threw her small weight around as if she were a leaf, but eventually, she managed to land next to the window. The clear window, showing a perfect view of an empty suite.

Another focus, a twist in clarity, and she was in it, hunched on all fours on the plush carpeting, trying to shake off the sudden fatigue.

“Did you hear that?”

The question perked her ears, and she scrambled for the closest door before the response came:

“Yeah, I did. Let’s go.”

And time! Total time elapsed is five minutes on the dot. See you next week!


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