Tuesday’s tale, 5/17/2016.


Alright, everyone who comes here knows how this works by now; five minutes on the clock and away we go!

Riding the elevator to the top floor wasn’t something she could do, but comfortably cloaked in the illusion of one of the help, walking up the staircase to the roof was possible. It was even possible to fast talk the guards at the stairwell door, even ignoring the smell of Josh coming from the blocked off top floor; they saw her as someone who had every right to be there. An elevator or air conditioner maintenance¬†technician, she thought, but she didn’t ask which. It wasn’t important.

This Simms guy was paranoid; there were even guards on the roof, though none were looking her way. After all, she’d been cleared by the staff downstairs so she was safe, right? Keeping an eye out for snipers in the surrounding buildings was more important.

She reached the edge of the roof and looked down. The next trick was getting down, and getting through the by no means weak or easily broken windows. She knew she should have packed a rope.

And there we go, elapsed time is four minutes fifty-eight seconds. See you next week!

Also… release time on the first web serial installment is this week. Hopefully I’ll see you all for that too.


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