Tuesday’s tale, 5/10/16


Alright, so here we are, another Tuesday, another five minutes, and away we go!


It was actually easy to enter the building through the lobby, the problem was she lost sight of Josh and his escort of goons along the way. They had entered through a heavily secured back entrance in the parking garage, and regardless of what appearance she was maintaining, they would stop her if she tried to enter the same way.

So the lobby it was. The building was a collection of suites, in most cases an entire floor belonged to one person. Since she didn’t know the real last name to match with the face in her memory, she couldn’t find Josh that way. So how…

She facepalmed. It was obvious! The storm troopers had to have unrestricted access to the building in order to roam around in it; the uniforms under the armor matched those of the security she was seeing, so they were one and the same. The owner of this building, Simms tower, had to be the one in charge, and one Theodore Simms owned the top floor.

Simple, and yet not. She still had to get up there without getting caught, and she doubted the cheesy room service bit would work.


And that’s it! Time is four minutes, 38 seconds. See you next week!

P.S. Web serial idea is set in concrete. How does everyone feel about were-beasts – done my way?


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