Tuesday’s tale, 5/3/2016.


May day, May day!

Sorry, I had to. Alright, so I’m working on the web serial idea; I’ve come up with what I think is a really good idea for it, and I think I’ll try and write a bit in it before posting so I have a bit of a buffer. I’m going to try for updates every two weeks of anywhere from 1000 words to 5000 words, (a chapter in other words) but I’m writing at very close to my maximum capacity so something may have to give there. I’m leaning towards making another blog rather than posting it on this one, but linking it to here. That way anyone that wants to, can find and read it.

What’s your opinion? Think that plan sucks? If so, let me know. For now, though, on with the regularly scheduled program. Five minutes on the clock and away we go!

She was unable to correct the problem immediately; even cloaked in an illusion to make her look normal, she couldn’t just go into the clinic to rescue Josh, she would be shot as an intruder. Josh wouldn’t be hurt, he would be bait – but bait for whom?

Masked as she was, she could lay a trap of her own.

When the troops poured out, Josh, the doctor and his research files in tow, she had a motorcycle ready; it had been generously donated to the cause by the biker down the street, who even now didn’t realize he was without transport. She would have tried a car, but she was probably too short to drive right now.

The SWAT looking troops gathered themselves into two unmarked vans, the doctor a passenger in the first, and Josh a passenger in the second. She pulled out behind the second and pushed, using her new ability to mask the bike as well.

She had to drive very carefully, however it paid off; no one even looked at her. she could see their eyes slide right off without recognition.

They led her right to the high-rise, a skyscraper the same height as the ones around it but purposed for living instead of working.


There we go, five minutes exactly. See you all next week.


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