Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 4/27/2016.


Alright, trying a flash fiction here to match a quote, as requested:

He stared at the monitor. The TPS reports were screwed up, again. all of them; not a single one was showing the correct totals. And just like always, when the TPS reports were screwed up, she was to blame. The new girl; the intern, the idiot. He flagged the reports, then set about correcting them… then paused. Obviously, her manager wasn’t teaching her to do these correctly, or the lessons weren’t taking.

He paged her. “Susan, could you come to my office please?”

She appeared at his door later, a mousy looking brunette peeking around his office door as if to gauge his mood before entering. She spoke up when she saw he was looking. “You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes Susan, come in. Grab a seat. No, come around the desk here.”

She gaped openly at him for a moment. “Is there something wrong, sir?” Her look changed to dread when she noticed her TPS reports open on his computer screen.

“Yes, but we’re correcting that.”

Patiently, he showed her how to write up the report and plug in the numbers so they totaled correctly. It beat firing her.


The quote is: “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” – Henry Ford.

As always, this is for silver threading at:


See you next week!


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