Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 4/20/2016.


This quote is, from all things, a Vaudeville star turned actress. It wasn’t supposed to be, I started out looking for another presidential quote, something nice and pompous sounding… but this one spoke to me.

Born in August 17th, 1893, Mary Jane West (or Mae West, as she became known) started out in Vaudeville before becoming an actress, songwriter, screenplay writer, and comedian in Hollywood. Her career spanned seven decades and is widely considered one of the top 15 female stars in Hollywood history. People tried to censor her, as she was not exactly the most shy or prudish of women, but she managed to either find a job or move. She died November 22nd, 1980.  And here we go, the quote that so captured my interest:

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” – Mae West.

As always, this is for:

#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – Mystery!

Yes, I know Silver is changing things up, but I had this one picked out already, so I’m going with it. I’ll see what I can do about following the new format next week. Until then, see you later!


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 4/20/2016.

  1. It was cool reading a bit about Mae West. I didn’t know she got her start in Vaudeville and I didn’t know she became a screenplay writer either, so thanks for the info.. I like the quote––very witty. 😉

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