Tuesday’s Tale, 4/12/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday, another tale bit. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

The Doc was flabbergasted – and angry. “How dare someone attack here! Don’t they know about the truce?!?”

Judging by the gunfire, she’d guess not. She also had a pretty good idea who it could be, even though there was no way they could have tracked her down or followed her. Josh had been right here the entire time, and he hadn’t had the chance to betray her… which left the Doc himself.

“Can it, Doc. You’re just pissed they’re shooting the place up after you sold us out.”

The Doc was really bad at this; the gun he pulled confirmed everything she’d stated and put the lie to his neutrality.

“You’re right of course… but can you blame me? Do you even know what you are, what kind of puzzle you represent?”

She edged to her left, and when the Doc turned to Josh, who had been trying to inch forward, the gun muzzle swept past her, and she was ready.


Alright, not a hundred percent happy with this, this week. Elapsed time is exactly five minutes and I really wanted more out of the scene. Also, I’m not happy with any of you reading! I asked you all a question last week, and got no answer at all.

Which implies that none of you read it, or don’t care enough to respond. And if that’s the case, then I’m just going to go forward and do what I want.

At any rate, standard rules apply and see you next week!


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