Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 4/6/2016.


Alright, this week’s candidate for one of the best quotes ever made (and he has so many, it’s so hard to choose which one!) is a man that should need no introduction. A firebrand and leader during the American revolutionary war, he was born January 29th, 1737 in Great Britain. He emigrated to the then colonies with the help of Ben Franklin – just in time to write “Common sense.”

He also did much the same sort of thing with the French Revolution later, in 1791. It got him arrested, and a US president pulled quite a few strings to get him released, so it’s said. Then he wrote “The Age of Reason,” which got him ostracised for its attacks on Christianity. When he died in 1809, only six people went to the funeral. Ladies and Gentlemen, Thomas Paine:

“When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.” – Thomas Paine.

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