Tuesday’s tale, 4/5/2016.


Alright, trying this bright and early, sort of. Another Tuesday, another five minutes.

“Alright, I’ll bite. Why no samples.”

She found herself pouting and stopped; it wasn’t very professional. The stone might have changed more than her body, came the reluctant thought.

“It’ll sound stupid. Just, scans only, if you need more. If something flakes off, great, but not cutting or chiseling or whatever else you can think of like that.” It seemed important to cover all the bases.

“Fine.” He took one look at her and shrugged. “Follow me then.”

She hopped off the cold examination table and followed. Josh followed her, hobbling slowly. He led her to another room then had her leave the stone on a table. Then he led them behind a large lead blanket hanging from the ceiling and proceeded to hit the stone with his best shot.

It didn’t react, but she felt the difference, the warmth, when he bombarded the stone with x-rays and something else.

He was checking the readings printed out from a printer old enough to have those metal teeth paper guidelines when the shots started.


And that’s all for today. Time elapsed, four minutes and 54 seconds; not my best work. However, now that I’ve got your attention, I’m thinking of starting a web serial novel. either on this page or starting a related one for the purpose. I’d be updating it either every week or month with a chapter (size of those could vary). I’d also be adding a nice shiny donation button to help me with bills so I could continue writing. If you’re still reading this, please tell me what you think of the idea.

Either way, see you next week!


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