Tuesday’s Tale, 3/22/2016.


Alright, another Tuesday, and getting right to it:

Hotwiring a car was easy; she just had to pick an older model and use the screwdriver attachment on the multi-tool she took from Josh while he played look out. It took her less than twenty seconds, but they were on the road in the old crown victoria that ironically enough could be a repurposed police car. She drove since Josh was in no condition to, and still no one looked at them twice.

Not twenty minutes later they were at the clinic, or the warehouse the clinic was in today, and Josh was being seen to by a nurse that could very well be a knee breaker for the mob of her choice, she was so buff.

For her part of things, the doc was staring at her as if she were an alien; perhaps she was.

He had the stone in his hands, turning it around and staring at the glow that lit it from within in the dimmed light. She could feel it as he caressed the thing; it felt nice.

“So, the stone did this, and then you coughed it back up?”

She nodded. Josh nodded, gritting his teeth as the nurse messed with his ankle.

The doc stepped behind her and stroked her tail, which felt nice, before giving it a slight tug, which did not, even if it didn’t exactly hurt. She moved it out of his reach.

“Well, barring some sort of weird Chernobyl inspired mutation, I’m at a loss.”

She sniffed; as if some sort of nuclear mutation could actually cause something like this. Maybe in a baby forming in the womb, but that wasn’t her. Clearly the answer to what had happened was magic.


And time! Four minutes, 34 seconds, and this looks like a good place to stop. See you next week!


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