Tuesday’s Tale, 3/15/2016.


Alright, here I am. Five minutes on the clock, and away we go!

He understood the trap a bit later when the window exploded, just as he downed the last bite of sausage. A gunman with full tactical gear was already leveling a submachine gun in Josh’s direction; she flung the now empty plate and tackled Josh as the gun went off with muffled thunder.

Rolling over Josh, her ears pinpointed more glass shattering from the front and back of the house.

The blanket from the bed made a good improvised net. She caught the man with it and then twisted it around his feet. The man was a pro; he was already cutting through it before she stopped.

“Come on, Josh!”

She pulled him through the now broken window; landing lightly while he fell with a strangled scream. Hopefully, he hadn’t broken anything; at most they had seconds, and she kind of doubted in her ability to carry him anymore. She pulled him up and he hissed when he put weight on one ankle, but he managed to keep up.

“Car option number 2. We don’t dare go to ours. Come on.”

She had read about some of the things kitsune were supposed to be able to do, and the stone hadn’t left her possession. When they reached the busy street, she stepped forward boldly, trying to hold an image in her mind that she and Josh belonged, they were nothing more than ordinary.

No one looked at them twice.

And there you have it., Four minutes thirty-eight seconds this week, and I think I need more work on fight scenes. Tell me what you think, and see you next week!


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