Tuesday’s Tale 3/8/2016.


Almost too late, but almost doesn’t count, now does it? Here we go, five minutes on the clock.

The internet was full of shit, she had decided. The chatroom she was currently in was comprised of experts in eastern lore, and they were all arguing about the stone she had stolen. They didn’t know she had stolen it of course, and she knew at least one of the people here had to be a plant from her ex-boss, but still, the name calling was pretty childish.

The youtube video she’d watched on this Chris Choo guy had made him seem reasonable, urbane, and respectable. He had laid out all the reasons that he thought the stone had been theorized by the ancient Chinese alchemists of the day to be the ossified heart of a kitsune who gave in to madness over an unrequited love to some emporer or another and died of grief.

He wasn’t urbane or respectable here; amongst his peers he came off as one of those history channel alien experts. His clean up crew for his videos had done an amazing job.

Even now the insults were flying, and over a stone no one knew the location of.on an argument obscured by centuries and with an answer lost to the mists of time.

Except it wasn’t. She knew it was true, somehow, though why it did this to her and not anyone else before was still a good question. Another question was why her ex-boss had even paid for the debate in the first place… had he wanted her to know what he did, or was he playing a deeper game?

Josh walked back in with eggs and bacon. “Good, you’re dressed, sort of.”

She nodded. She was swimming in the shirt she’d put on, but it covered everything.

“I’m sorry. Something came over me earlier, and I lost control. You’ll be happy to know that whatever it is should not be contagious, but I’m pretty sure I heard you talking to the doc earlier. When do you want to go in?”

“As soon as you’re done eating. So what’s this?”

She closed the computer.

“Just our friend’s latest trap. Not sure how it’s supposed to spring, though.”


And there you have it, time is exactly five minutes, and I sort of outdid myself on volume. 🙂


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