Tuesday’s Tale, 3/1/2016.


Alright, another month, another Tuesday, going right to it. Five minutes on the clock.

Josh kept stroking her tail, kept scratching behind an ear, almost as if he couldn’t believe they existed – or he thought her a puppy or something. It felt nice.

“This… what? How can something like this happen? I mean, wouldn’t you die before you changed like this or something? I just….”

She shrugged and snuggled into the blankets; they were still warm. A small inhale soaked her in Josh’s scent, which seemed more complex than remembered.

“Don’t know, and don’t care. We can figure it out later.”

“Um, do you want to get dressed?”

She looked down at herself. Aside from her boxers, which really didn’t fit, she didn’t have a stitch on.


Josh gave her a look.

“Fine. I’m going to make breakfast. I assume there is some way you have to figure out what just happened, and whether or not you’re contagious now. I want answers by the time it’s done.”

She sighed as he pulled away. “Fine. To the laptop!”

Josh walked off, muttering.

She was pretty sure she knew what happened. Her previous research into the stone had given her the clue; it had been tied to kitsune through legends, and a quick search confirmed her memory; kitsune had gems that housed their souls, and could confer great power to the owner of them, kind of like leprechauns and pots of gold.

As crazy as it sounded, exposure to the stone (and eating it) had made her a kitsune, and this was her own soul gem. How that happened was anyone’s guess, but the internet had a list of experts just waiting to tell her.

And done! Right at 5 minutes. I could have kept going, but you all know the rules. See you next week!



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