Tuesday’s Tale, 2/16/2016.


Alright, another week, and another tale segment. Five minutes are on the clock:

He awoke, still curled into and half buried in the blankets. Josh was beside him, sleeping soundly. But aside from that oddity, something else was wrong. He wasn’t a he anymore; he couldn’t even consider passing for one, not like yesterday.

He… she managed to find the bathroom with a minor amount of stumbling; something seemed to be affecting her balance and knocking into furniture, and sounds were far too loud, scents had too much depth. The mirror in the unfamiliar house wasn’t full-length today, but it was enough.

Her ears were replaced by canine ears, the same deep red hue as her now long hair but with white tips; both matched the color of the large bushy tail behind her, sporting its own white tip. A quick pull revealed the ears were a part of her; glued on appendages didn’t cause such pain. The tail was real too, and with effort, she could direct it.

She smiled and admired the sharp fangs her tongue had found.

She should be freaked out; why wasn’t she freaked out?

She was hungry but breakfast could wait; some imp of the perverse had her, leading her back to bed. She carefully curled back up against Josh and waited… but the joke was spoiled when the hacking started, something in her throat trying to force it’s way up.


And there you have it, four minutes, 58 seconds. See you all next week!


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