Tuesday’s Tale, 2/9/2016.


Sick all of last week. Still a bit sick, it comes and goes. But I’m well enough for this: five minutes on the clock and a portion of the tale to tell. And away we go!

The first he knew of the waking world was of being roused by Josh, who actually had managed to get hands on him and was leading him out the door. He suppressed a sigh; he had thought he was over this, and instead if anything it was worse. A feeling of vague malaise and of things wrong pervaded, as if he was dipped in rancid oil and it was seeping in.

Josh piled him in the back of a car; he couldn’t see very well, but he knew it was Josh because it smelled like him. The car did too, not that he was in any condition to balk. He curled up in the backseat and was lost again, drifting on the oily sea.

He came to again with a cry of pain that almost sounded like a yelp when Josh pulled him out; Josh murmured something that sounded like an apology, but he couldn’t be sure. The place Josh had taken him was not one of his houses; it lacked his scent. Or did he lack his scent? Things were very confusing, and he was cold.

It did not lack a bed, however, and that bed was soft. He burrowed into thick blankets and slept.

Time! Five minutes on the dot. See you next week, and now it’s time to crash. 🙂





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