Tuesday’s Tale, 1/19/2016.


Alright, so I posted on a Tuesday to let me know if I needed to change up what I was doing. I even waited a week; no one voted. Absolutely no one even commented on it. So the only conclusion I can reasonably take from that is that no one is reading it.

If they are, and simply didn’t care enough to respond, well that’s kinda screwed up.

So, last chance. If no one responds, this time, I’m just going to assume the snippets of fiction I’m writing are not liked, and stop writing them. But for now, five minutes on the clock:

He woke up before Josh, and that was a good thing. It was a good thing because¬†padding through the apartment that was his current safe house was a mistake. He’d had to shrug his pants off in the bed; they had tangled up somehow. The bathroom mirror, stern judge that it was, showed a teenaged girl barely covered by an overly large dress shirt staring back at him. Or maybe an androgynous boy; different angles changed what was seen.

He should be freaking out. He knew he should; so why wasn’t he? He looked nothing like he used to, he looked nothing like the age he was, and wasn’t in shock. He just… didn’t care. Calmly he locked the door and took a shower, taking out his disguise kit and disguised himself as himself.

Josh woke up as he was making breakfast.

And that’s it; time spent is four minutes and 59 seconds. See you next week, with either another snippet or poetry.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tale, 1/19/2016.

  1. Listen to your creative voice. I am fairly confident that most folks who have their own websites go through times of rumination considering what is next for their website. My personal rule is I must be enjoying having my website.

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