Tuesday’s Tale, 12/22.2015.


Alright, so sickness is not an excuse. The holidays are not an excuse. Five minutes on the clock, and here we go. It’s exposition time!


Once back at the safe house, he set up his laptop to bounce off several different addresses and providers throughout the old Russian states and France. Once complete he opened a search on the stone, using one of the original pictures He’d taken.

The stone was an Asian artifact, either Chinese or Japanese. It was known as the stone of Huli jing, which another search revealed as Chinese, and the stone of the fox immortal. According to the Chinese legend on one of the sites he found, the stone wasn’t dug up from any mine, but stolen from a nine tail fox by some wily advisor to some Emporer before Rome was an empire.

The fox, according to legend, later wasted away from its lack, and the entire reason behind the plot was to make the Emporer immortal. For some reason or another, it didn’t work (surprise, surprise) and the stone languished in the Emporer’s vault until enterprising thieves stole it. From there it changed hands from thief to private collector and thief again, with the buyers trying to uncover the secrets of immortality.

Really?!? That was what this was all about? How unutterably stupid; how… cliche. He had no doubt that this was why his life was in danger; the stone was valuable in itself but hardly worth this kind of turn out… unless there was a rich man who believed stupid legends and thought he was smarter than everyone else.


And that’s it! Time is at four minutes and fifty-seven seconds. See you next week, and merry Christmas!


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