Tuesday’s tale, 12/15/2015.


Alright, feel pretty bad today, but I’m not going to let that stop me. Five minutes are on the clock.


Josh was waiting for him on the corner, door to the nondescript car (burner car number four, but who’s counting?) already open. He knew from the two shots that had missed by a mile that not all pursuit had stopped, but two was much easier to dodge than an entire dozen would have been.

He rolled as a shot sailed over his head, scrambling on all fours the final feet into the car; Josh had it moving before he could shut the door. The two idiots (for what else can you call people willing to unload pistols in a park in broad daylight?) put quite a few shots in the back of the car, but it was ever so subtly armored, so shrugging off pistols was a breeze for it.

“Take it things went badly?”

He smiled wryly as he pulled off the wig.

“About as we expected. I do wish he’d given me a chance to grill him on the stone, though; I’m fighting blind here and he knows more than he’s telling. But instead, he has to go all megalomaniac on me.”

He sighed and shrugged off the dress. Josh audibly gulped, and he looked over, curious.

“Are you sure you should be doing that in here?”

“Pursuit could happen in moments; I’m surprised it hasn’t caught up to us already. Still it would be sloppy of me if I made it easier for them to find us by not changing disguises, right?”

Josh blew a breath explosively as he turned a corner he’d almost missed.

“Sorry, you’re right, it’s just kind of distracting, that’s all.”

He grabbed jeans and a shirt and used wet naps to clear the makeup from his face.

“Focus, Josh. Focus.”


And time! Four minutes, 36 seconds, and I’m out; see you all for this next week.


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