Tuesday’s Tale, 11/3/2015.


Getting right into it today, as always five minutes on the clock:

He awoke in the night, cold and feverish. He wanted something but didn’t know what it was. At first he tried tea… then food in the form of cold take out pasta. Then sweet things, and even nicotine. Nothing helped, but at least the cigarettes didn’t make him sick. Still he knew there was something here, something in the house that he wanted. It pulled at him like a lodestone.

That was it. Of course it was. He went to hiding place number four and pulled what was left of the stone out. It was smaller, scarred from its recent mistreatment.

Before he fully knew what he was doing, he licked it.

The taste was vague, like cotton candy, and sweet but somehow salty… there was no frame of reference to properly compare it to. When he swallowed it was as if a smooth balm caressed his throat, and his symptoms, the shakes and chill vanished immediately as if they had never been.

So. That had happened.

Very disturbing… but all he had to do was figure out the mystery; who had hired him, why, and what the stone was.

He could die after, with no worries to trouble him in the afterlife.

Time is four minutes 44 seconds. Happy reading, and see you for the next installment next week.


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