Tuesday’s tale, 10/27/2015.


Alright, I’m a bit early today. Five minutes on the clock and no plot line to speak of, we’re off again!

The safe house was actually a small apartment that he had to dress in disguise to get into. The good news was that no one here had seen him enough to be able to spot the differences, and he breezed right in with Josh in tow.

The bad news was there were differences.

If his memory were to be trusted, he had lost a good inch, and everything was a bit smaller. His visible muscle definition had somehow receded somewhat but didn’t seem to have affected his strength or flexibility any. He had tested both, and was pleased with the results, as both were mandatory in his line of work.

Well used to disguising himself, he was more than aware that the planes and angles that made up the underlying structure of his face seemed to be different, making him look… different. He wondered if Josh had picked up the differences. If Josh had, he hadn’t said anything.

He spent the time recreating the stone with a mixture of cement, glue, and paint. It wouldn’t stand up to intensive testing, but not allowing his employers and potential enemies the time to undertake such testing was his real job for the upcoming meeting. It should be easy to keep them off balance with the right planning.

There you go, total time is 4 minutes 12 seconds. Sure I could do a bit more, but why? :p


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