Tuesday’s Tale, 10/20/2015.


Alright, another Tuesday, another five minutes. And off we go:

He wasn’t sure why he asked Josh to come along; after all he was well enough to drive himself now. But there was something wrong with him now, he knew it; he could feel it. Something was different.

It even looked like Josh was taller now than before. Or that he himself had shrank, just a little. He looked at his tiny hands; did they look even smaller than before? He wanted a mirror badly, but there was too much to do.

He waited until after Josh was driving him towards a safe house before taking out his phone. It was a simple enough smart phone, a burner phone with prepaid minutes that he could use and then lose before any calls or texts were traced. And there, the first and only message on the phone was from a ‘Gem_lover’: – “meeting point burned, drop compromised. Reschedule?”

Did they really think him that stupid? Or maybe they were just that stupid themselves? With the flicking of thumbs his reply was sent: “Tomorrow, Lunar park, 1 pm.”

Plenty of time to sniff out their ambush.

And that is all you get for now, total time is four minutes, 13 seconds. Feel free to comment, I won’t mind.


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