Tuesday’s tale, 10/13/2015.


Another Tuesday, another five minutes on the clock!

“So where is the stone?”

The doctor held it up in one gloved hand; it was only a third of the size now, with one end clearly sheared or ground off. It was no larger than a novelty marble, now. If that meant he was now playing host to most of it….

“Will I need more?”

The doctor placed the stone inside his palm and closed it.

“Uncertain, but if you do, I suggest you find more as quickly as possible. What’s left is enough for a week at most, rationing it carefully. I recommend you stay here for observation, but you likely have business to take care of, correct?”

He nodded.

He would have to track down another stone, just on the off chance he needed one. Right after he dealt with whoever had sent him for the first and was currently trying to kill him; which could be the same person or two different people.

He got up as the doctor left, testing himself. He felt fine. He took the file the doctor had left for him and went to the ‘waiting room’, which was really more of an office lounge. Aside from Josh, it was empty.

A flutter of something, upon laying eyes on Josh. What, he couldn’t say.

“Hey. You ready to go? You alright?”

“I am for now. I need to take care of some things. Want to help?”

Josh’s look of surprise mirrored his own.

And there you go, total time is 4 minutes 56 seconds. Until next week, this one’s in the can!


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