Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 10/7/2015.


Alright, this one is a more recent vintage than you’re all used to from me. But this guy is still old, and a relative unknown in this day and age nonetheless, which I think is a shame. Look him up in depth, he was amazing.

Born on November 19th, 1831, he became a well-educated man and a politician. He fought for the North and became a general. He was well liked by all accounts, by nearly everyone who met him. He ran for president – and won. He was also the second president to be assassinated, finally succumbing to the infection of his gunshot wound on September 19th, 1881. I feel that his death remains one of the more blatant examples of wasted potential the human race has to offer, as hopefully this quote will illustrate:

“Ideas control the world.” – James Garfield.

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