Tuesday’s tale, 10/6/2015.


Here we go, first Tuesday of my favorite month. Five minutes on the clock:

He came to knowing something was wrong. He could feel it; a form of pressure in his bloodstream, a mildly uncomfortable sensation that felt like a pushing and pulling. His mind felt clear and focused, however, so that was an improvement at least.

He felt impatient.


His voice was thick, hoarse; as if he had a cold or pneumonia. His vocal chords ached when used. He must have been screaming; that was mildly disconcerting. He thankfully didn’t have long to ponder what he might have said.

“Good, you’re awake.”

“Doctor, how long was I out?”

“Twenty-six hours, and 42 minutes.”

So long?

“I have something to tell you, that you aren’t going to like.”

“Hit me.”

“I found out how to cure you. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to like how.”

He stopped so he sighed. He didn’t care about bedside manner, and the doctor knew that. He actually appreciated it when the doctor was more blunt than now.

“Out with it.”

“I had to use the stone. The solution to saving you was to use more of the substance in the stone, not less. Whatever infection you have is not contagious at all, but it changed you. You need the substance now, whatever it is.”

…What? That can actually happen?

And there we go. Total time spent, 4 minutes and thirty-seven seconds. See you next time!


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