Tuesday’s tale, 9/22/2015.


Alright, another Tuesday, another set of the tale. Does anyone wonder where it’s going yet? or how long it’ll end up being? I have about as much clue on that as the rest of you; this is all instinct for me so far. At any rate, five minutes on the clock, and here we go:

He didn’t have long to wait, though it seemed longer. He could actually swing his legs from on top of the hospital style check up bed, so he did so. Something had to be wrong with him, he never used to fidget before, no matter how routinely things went to hell around him. It was unprofessional. This wasn’t even the worst or most dangerous situation he’d been in.

But now, he felt…restless. Yes, that was it.

Josh was waiting outside; he could hear the pacing. Normally he would open the door and tell the other man to stop, but he was hardly in the familiar position of strength regarding nervous behavior that he normally was, even if Josh didn’t know that.

The Doctor entered, and he stared straight into the closed off face. Bad news, then. The doctor went right to it, something that his clients no doubt appreciated.

“The analyzation of the stone will take some time. It resists easy classification, and there seem to be no viral or bacteriological vectors on the outside surface.”

He thought.

“So on the inside, or the stone itself causes illness. How could an inert rock cause something like this?”

The doctor shook his head. Not surprising he was lost. Even for a doctor in his line of work, this sort of thing probably didn’t come up every day.

“The only possibility is some sort of metallurgical origin.”

“So, heavy metals poisoning?”

“Of a type. I can’t place the metal involved, but it does seem to follow many of the criteria. I’d like to try the standard treatments for such to see if you improve.”

What was he supposed to say to that?

“Fine. Let’s get started.”

While they still could.

….And there you have it, at four minutes 39 seconds, the next bit. Until next week, enjoy!


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