Crass Commerce Thursday.


Alright, I debated about this, but I decided I’d do it anyway. As some of you out there may know, I write books. And while I’m not a huge professional at it yet, I do self-publish them, doing the best I can with what I know.

Two days ago I published the 5th in one of my long-standing series. It’s called Room in Hell, and if you search the past blogs I’ve made, one of the first was a blurb from it. It’s only 20k words, like the rest of the books I have out (which means it’s more of a pamphlet, really) and is very roughly done, with an intriguing but low quality cover.

Despite all that, I think it’s good; hope springs eternal I guess. Anyway, if you like how I do what I do, and are so inclined, check it out. And The past ones too if you want. You can even leave comments and feedback here if you so desire.

Anyway, it’s on Amazon, and you can find it and any of my other stuff by simply using my pen name (Nagrij) as a keyword.

P.S. If the commercial nature of this post turns you off, my apologies.


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