Tuesday’s Tale, 9/15/2015.


Alright, I’m feeling much better, so on with the show! Five minutes on the clock:

Josh swung the car left just as the SUV swung right, heading into the other lane, into oncoming traffic. But he avoided the SUV, which managed to head on the concrete divider. He fought down the momentary stab of gratitude, trying to keep a level head.

“There is a burner car 4 blocks from us, in the parking garage. Elisworth and Main, right side.”

“Got it.”

Josh swerved back into the proper lane and merged with traffic. Despite efforts to blend in, they both knew it was only a matter of time before the police or worse caught up with them.

They made it to the garage, a fully automated one, and drove until they found the car. It was pretty obvious, as the car cover was stained in bird crap and bat guano both. He hadn’t checked the thing in months, but it should still be valid.

There was no way it could be traced; after all, he had set it up a few identities ago, under a completely false identity of its own. He tore the cover off and Josh whistled. He didn’t see why; it was just an old Toyota after all. Completely unremarkable.

They got in and drove away, careful to use the exit opposite the one they entered. The rest of the ride to the clinic was uneventful and soothing.

And there you have it, total time spent, right at 4 minutes even. Until next week, enjoy!


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