Tuesday’s tale, 8/25/2015.


So, last one of the month. Here we go, five minutes on the clock, and a continuation on the mind:

The first thing Josh did when they were safely away from the cops was ask him where the gem was. The reply should have been expected.

“You don’t need to know.”

He actually had the gall to look hurt. Clearly not professional, not like he was before; had something changed?

They were being followed. Two cars, and if he had to guess one was police and the one further behind were the employers his hit squad had hired. So far the police in the black SUV had not seen their own tail in the nondescript sedan behind them.

There was no reason for the police to be following them at all, really. so dirty cops maybe? Made sense.

“We have a tail Josh. We can’t lead them to the clinic. You know what to do.”

And there we go, good as I can manage for now, it’s time to write actual books again. See you all next time! 🙂


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