Tuesday’s tale, 8/11/2015.


Alright, no preamble this time; we’re going right into it. Five minutes on the clock:

Even with the makeshift disguise, he had to be careful. The gym was definitely being watched, and just because he couldn’t see the watchers did not mean they weren’t there. The one weakness to the location was that the graveyard was old and wasn’t used that often anymore, which meant that hardly anyone ever visited it.

He didn’t look much like a Silverstein at the moment either, should someone get curious.

Still, he had the mausoleum key (one he’d made himself from a clay pressing of the lock) and the rule was, when in doubt, walk in as if you owned the place; it worked just fine; not even the cops still taking statements and investigating the parking lot shootings looked at him twice.

He doubted they would ever find anything concrete to go on, even if they were competent.

Josh had followed him in and down, to keep up appearances. He didn’t like it, but the location was burned anyway and Josh was as trustworthy as anyone ever was. He still kept one eye on him at all times.

And there, next to the moldering coffin of George Silverstein, was what all the fuss was about. He had much heavier latex gloves this time, and he pulled them out. He had to stop Josh from grabbing the rock by hand.

“Bad idea.”

He just hoped the gloves would prevent any more damage.One exposure had the potential to be lethal in days, after all. He took the fresh flowers from his purse and dropped the stone in, wrapping a glove around it.

Then he laid a single flower atop each coffin and said a silent prayer to keep up appearances.

And time! 4 minutes, 57 seconds. I almost wanted to go long there, it’s getting good. :p


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