Tuesday’s tale, 8/4/2015.


Alright, another week, another Tuesday, another five minutes on the clock. Here we go!

The city was a mixture of old and new, young and old.The gym was a new building, and uncomfortably close to the crumbling headstones and weed-choked lawn of the Oak Lawn Cemetery. He had always enjoyed the mixture of the two worlds; on one hand, the strip mall gym, same as any other ever made, and on the other the old victorian era flavor of old money settling in to it’s final rest.

That was what had drawn him to the site originally, where he had made a curious discovery; the gym’s locker room faced the cemetery itself. From the same window out of which he had made the first, he made another more crucial discovery.

The Silverstein mausoleum was among the oldest in the cemetery, and it went deep into the earth.

As he had suspected, it was a simple matter to break into the gym and his locker; the alarm system was a joke, for who would think anything in a gym would be worth the effort of carrying it off?

A few hours work and the trap door system was complete and hooked up to the small remote he always carried, the one that looked no different than any other care remote. One tap, and the bottom of the locker revolved, dropping any items placed there into a chute, which then deposited them gently into the Silverstein crypt below.

It wasn’t even the most elaborate backup he had made, which was a bit sad in a way.

And there we have it, 4 minutes, 58 seconds. Enjoy your day!


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