Tuesday’s tale, 7/29/2015.


Yes, I know it’s a day late. Getting sick is pretty normal for me, but for some reason I seem to get horribly sick on Tuesday’s this year. So I was unable to even get out of bed yesterday, and to make up for it, I’m going to do my two normal posts today. So, five minutes on the clock, and here we go:

He got into the car as Josh got in the driver’s side. It was not the same car Josh had driven him here in… at least he thought not.

“So where to?”

“My house, and then the Oak Lawn Cemetary.”

The Oak Lawn Cemetery abutted the gym where he had been shot. A large, very old, overgrown and rambling place, it was a large part of this location’s back up plan. It was, in fact, the reason he had chosen it as the backup plan.

Josh did not argue, which was good. He was going to be another large part of the plan himself. He might be able to go to the cemetery under disguise, but without at least some backup, it would be dicey. Josh would watch his back, and for no more than the standard fee.

The safe house that Josh knew of was not the same one he’d spent the morning in, which was also a plus. The fact that it was less than 15 minutes away was an even bigger plus. they turned into the mid-afternoon traffic.

And there we go; time is 4 minutes, 38 seconds. See you next week, or later today if you read my quotes.


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