Tuesday’s tale, 6/30/2015/


Well rested, in a good mood, and ready to go! Five minutes on the clock, and here we go:

The voice came to him as if from a long tunnel; tinny and distorted. Must be the tunnel his sight had been reduced to.

“Evan, you O.K.?”

A person appeared at the tunnel; a person he knew and he felt himself being grabbed. Was Evan his name? No, no it wasn’t… but it was the name this person knew him by. It was getting hard to keep everything straight somehow.

It was getting hard to keep everything straight somehow. His thoughts were so many butterflies, trapped and choking in amber. He was reduced to spectating life, his body resisting his commands.

“Damn man, you don’t look good at all. Good thing you called. Can you talk to me? I can see you’re conscious.”

The words made no real sense. Had he called Josh? Why would he do that? He found himself sitting up but still moving. He was in a car. Josh was taking him somewhere. There were shooting pains, random and far away. Was he hurt?

Josh was taking him to the clinic, that was why he called! The car stopped and there was more yelling before his mind went completely white.

And there it is, another 4 minutes 22 seconds later another piece in the can! Hopefully all of you reading are enjoying this, because it’s about to get a little weird. See you next time!


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