Tuesday’s tale, 6/23/2015.


Alright, here we are again. My attempts at getting you all to respond to me an utter failure, I will return to my tale. Once again, 5 minutes on the clock and a complete lack of plot or structure is in effect.

There was a hospital he knew of; many professionals such as he frequented it. They had some of the best but disgraced doctors money could buy, as well as a select few that were mostly on the straight and narrow. However it was a hospital where no insurance was accepted, and no questions were asked. Only those with cash need apply.

And he needed that right now. It was across town, but he had friends in all walks of life, and his phone was in safe in his pocket. He speed-dialed the 3rd number. It was picked up immediately.

“Josh. Need a ride to the clinic.”

“How soon?” The sleep addled voice returned.


The voice was wide awake in an instant. “Where from?”

“Corner of Hess and Fourth.”

It wasn’t the usual meeting place, but he didn’t think he could drive to it in his current condition. Normally he wouldn’t show such weakness, but Josh was someone you could trust.

“On my way. Sit tight.”

He couldn’t sit tight, he had to get to the location and case it before Josh arrived. Better safe than sorry.

And that’s it: 3 minutes 57 seconds. Until next time, and please, if you’re reading and a writer yourself, answer the question I posed last week; I won’t bite!


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