Tuesday’s tale, 6/9/2015.


Alright.Five minutes on the clock, and the plot thickening. Slowly, but it’s getting there. I’m going to reiterate for the record here; this is all 100% in my head. None of it is written down anywhere else. There is no plot outline, no character write-ups, this is entirely seat of my pants. Here we go!

He ditched the car in an old junkyard he knew; it was no longer being used, so there were no questions. As usual, he had a car here too, a late model foreign car that was a best seller for six years in a row. There would be no way to tack him down through motor vehicle records or a VIN; it was even more of a black hole than the car he just ditched.

He had to assume that safe house and that life was burned. That was the only safe approach to take. That was alright, he had others. The real concern was his contingency. He would have to return to the scene of the crime in order to check on it.

He made it three blocks before he started to feel violently ill; too sudden to be a coincidence.

And done! 4 minutes, 22 seconds. See you next time!


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