Tuesday’s tale, 6/2/2015.


Alright, time to heat things up. Five minutes on the clock.

The glass was bulletproof, which mean the high power rifle slug penetrated, but the material slowed it down and changed direction. As such it passed in front of his nose, and he saw it.

It seemed his employer had betrayed him. That was fine, he had anticipated it. He always did, even if the employer for a job was one he trusted and had worked with before.

This was a bit too open, however. A bit too obvious, and he was a bit surprised. He had actually expected a car bomb or something traffic related; Snipers were hard to hide, as incidents went.

He pulled up the old child toy periscope and punched the accelerator with a fist, steering with his cheek until he deemed it safe to pop up and drive normally, half a block away. during that time there were three more shots, none of which penetrated the car.

It was a shame; he liked this car, and it had just saved his life. He would have to ditch it as soon as possible.

And time! Four minutes exactly. See you next time.


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