Tuesday’s tale, 5/26/2015.


The holidays always screw me up; I almost forgot what day it was! So here we go:

Safety deposit boxes and lockers in train stations were to passe; nowadays he preferred something a bit different. No reason not to mix some business with pleasure, and he loved to swim. So the random indoor pool of the week was the drop point. If he saw the money in his locker before his swim, he would leave the item in question after his swim, and leave the key in a drop point.

The rest of the money was there; the advance was already safe in an offshore account, and he had a nice hour long swim before leaving that gym and it’s indoor pool behind forever. If the contact couldn’t find the key, it was their problem.

The shot came from somewhere high and punched the glass of his car like an angry fist.

And there we go, 3 minutes 58 seconds. See you next week!


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