Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 5/13/2015.


This one is from way way back, and it’s one of the best quotes from any writer, ever, so it bears repeating. It’s from Socrates, who I feel is a man who needs no introduction, and he is the first one on record of saying this. Many have echoed him throughout the ages.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates.

In case you do in fact need a primer on who Socrates is, he was an ancient greek philosopher who was considered one of the brightest minds of the age by many cultures, the Egyptians Romans and Persians, notably. He was forced to commit suicide over a political dispute with the leaders of his day. They didn’t like his criticisms.

So, one to think about, despite the fact that most of you have heard it before. Have a great day, and see you next time!


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday, 5/13/2015.

  1. This quote amused me, for some random reason it made me think of my Tai Chi practise, each week I go along, and it seems to be I know nothing, as I am always learning something new! So I reckon that’s what Socrates probably meant (correct me if I’m wrong,) that we learn new things all the time that make what we have learnt up to that point irrelevant? Getting quite philosophical now!

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