Tuesday’s tale, 4/28/2015.


Doing a  bit better, and ready to go again. Five minutes on the clock:

Tenth and Main was silent, like the rest of this section of the city. The parts that did not sleep were on the other side. The driver stopped at the light, and he got out, tapping the door twice once he was clear. The driver didn’t look, but sped off, just as any sane person would in this neighborhood.

He waited until his erstwhile partner was long gone, and then went to a small run down home with vehicles of all kinds, many of them in pieces and states of disrepair, in the yard. He chose the old chevy, that looked like it had been there for a century, got in and turned the key that was already in the ignition.

It started right up, and he drove it away, peeling off his realistic but stinky mask at last. A small toss in the harbor and it was gone; the water would dissolve it.

And Time! Four minutes 32 seconds. See you all next time.


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