Tuesday’s tale, 4/14/2015.


Almost didn’t make it today; I had some minor drama today on a group writing project which I have to be very hush hush about. Then work on the novel continues apace; it is about half complete. The idea is to have it done next month, either early to late. Look up, look around after hours of writing and realize that today is Tuesday, after all. so here we are, with five minutes on the clock:

His driver proved his professionalism in two ways. One, he started off, driving slowly without so much as a glance behind him. Secondly, he mouthed loudly:

“Did you get it?”

One step forward, one step back. How had this guy come recommended? He decided to make a subtle dig back on the obvious. he really was curious to see if the driver would get the point.

“Take it the cops were looking at you, so you had to move?”

He nodded, no sign of anger in his profile. Looks like he wasn’t smart enough.

“Yep, got it in one. Just sit tight, I’ll get you where you want to go.”


“You’ll get me to Tenth and Main, as you were instructed to do.”

He actually had the gall to look a little hurt that. Double the fool, then.

He drove on and one of them at least, enjoyed the silence.

There you go, four minutes even. Have a good night!


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