Tuesday’s tale continuation:


Alright, same deal; five minutes on the clock and me inside on a sunny 60 degree day. Who needs sunlight anyway? I burn like a vampire in the sun. Ready and go:

Like a fool, he went looking for it. The surrounding houses were quiet but did not seem asleep; rather they seemed to hover over the intruder in their midst like doctors over an etherized patient laid out on the table before the cutting began.

The pools of light were many and bright, and he could not avoid them all. So instead he simply straightened his very dark clothes and walked boldly down the street. Soon enough and with a sense of relief he spotted the nondescript miniature car which had his compatriot behind the wheel.

It was the one with the police cruiser behind it.

With a curse, he dove for the nearest cover, which happened to be rather diseased looking Hydrangeas.

And time! Four minutes, 23 seconds. I was trying for less, but oh well. Until next time!


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