Tuesday’s tale, afternoon edition.


Alright, let’s get started; 5 minutes on the clock, and go!

The trip outside was almost anti-climactic. Nothing happened. No large dogs came snarling and hurtling out of the dark recesses of the halls, no alarms were triggered, and no angry owners stepped out with guns in hand.

It was almost enough to put him on edge. Something should have gone wrong by now. Something almost always went wrong with jobs like this; it was why he never took them.

So when he reached the crisp open air after squeezing through the window he entered in to find that his spotter and his getaway vehicle were both gone, well it was almost a relief.


And time! 2 minutes 12 seconds, a new record. I almost continued, but then… I’m writing a book for publication. So it’s time to do that.


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