Tuesday’s tale continuation.


Alright we had a few votes saying to continue the flash fiction just to see where it ends up. So here we go, five minutes on the clock:

The prize was a stone. Just a regular jagged gray piece of rock with veins of beige running through it. To the uninitiated it was nothing at all, certainly nothing worth the extremely expensive security protecting it.

But he had been paid and paid well to take this. Anything else stolen was secondary, but this rock was worth lives. The owners, if they interfered… and his own, if he was caught. Who knows how many others had stained this humble piece of condensed dirt with their blood over the years.

And who even knew why? He certainly didn’t. His contract didn’t have a need to know clause. so without stopping to think about it any further, he started out the way he came in. Thinking too much was an occupational hazard; it would get him caught.

And time! Five minutes, 22 seconds. I ran a bit longer than I wanted there; whoops.


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