Tuesday’s Tale.


Alright, next little bit; watch is set, going to try for 5 minutes. And… go!

It took him almost four minutes to solve the lock; it involved reassembling the pictograph into the form of a dragon bearing the ancient coat of arms of the family sleeping above.

Then he had to remove the tripwire he couldn’t see carefully, so as not to set off the silent alarm at the local police station. He had paid much for the information he was using, and it was a with a sigh of relief that he realized he hadn’t been swindled.

Then again, no one swindled the person who hired him; even in a collateral fashion. Anyone who did would simply end up dead if they were lucky.

That one took 4 minutes, 12 seconds. So, for those out there in blog-land, a question: should I keep going with this, or go back to the regular posts I was doing?


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