The Tuesday’s tale continuation.


Right on time this week! And I liked the little flash fiction idea I tried so much, I’m going to do it again. Alright, set your watches, I have at most 10 minutes to do this:

The house was an old rambling affair, replete with creaky floorboards and poorly oiled door hinges. He did the owners a favor and oiled those, even as he stuck to the edge of the wall to avoid the worst creaking.

He had some idea where the item he needed was kept and went straight to the hidden basement door; his informant had been right it seemed.

The 10-step combination puzzle lock placed on the door that was carved to resemble a griffon excited him. You didn’t go through all the trouble of making such an elaborate security measure unless you had something you really wanted to protect.

And… time! My time shows that this piece took me 3 minutes 47 seconds. Then of course I went back over it and removed the spelling errors. Seems almost too short a time to spend, but it’s what the experiment is all about.

Again, no safety net, no notes, no crib sheet, and no plot given beforehand. This is all fly by the seat of my pants. So tell me what you think?


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