The magical mystery illness.


So, still sick as the proverbial dog, but getting better. I haven’t had much time to write or do much else but sleep. Turns out I have a case of pneumonia, which always hits me rather hard (I’ve had it before)

But just like last week, I’m hanging in there, and it’s time to post. So I’m going to do something a little different today and write a small on the spot blurb. I’m giving myself 5 minutes and the rule is to write whatever comes into my head. Here goes:

He froze at the merest whisper of sound; sound he knew he did not make. What had it been? The house settling, a mouse, someone shifting in their sleep? He couldn’t say, and that made him nervous.

A quick look back revealed that his exit, the window with the conveniently broken lock was still open and still leading back into the darkened alley next to the old brownstone he was in was still clear.

Bolstering his courage with the sight and the knowledge the couple within did not have a dog, but instead several very quiet cats, he pulled his goggles down and used the green light they offered to navigate deeper within the otherwise pitch black recesses of the ancient building.

There was something he needed to find, and he couldn’t let any pesky laws or property rights concerns stop him.

And there we have it..a blurb off the top of my head; what will become of it, and who is the guy? Not a clue. Will I continue it? Maybe, if asked by enough of you out there in reader land. Until next week, stay happy.


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