And the update!


Tuesday’s tale is the title I’m thinking of going with. What do all of you think?  Of course, the only problem with that today is there is no tale.

Instead, I wanted to talk about something a little different; music. Now I am a member of what I call the Hemmingway camp. Sparse descriptions, very little scene painting when I write. I prefer to let the reader fill in the blanks. Hemmingway is, of course, the founder of that style of writing, at least for the modern era.

Music, however, is different, and it’s different because it’s the same. A good song can paint a metaphorical picture every bit as well as any actual image, and I often find myself inspired by music alone. In some cases, even stories I am writing have been influenced by a choice piece of music.

Anyone else out there ever do this? Any other writers out there do this?


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