So been a long time….


Actually trying this again. I didn’t seem to get anywhere with it last time, but maybe I can lure a few people in this time. After all this time I’m still trying to learn how this blog thing works; advice would be appreciated.

And now to the heart of the matter; the prose!

Gasping, he dove from the gloom into the welcoming patch of fake sun the streetlight offered, leaving streaks of crimson with his hand as he steadied himself against the grimy bricks. Knowing a stumble could and likely would be fatal, he nevertheless suffered two of them as his legs just did not seem up to the task of staying out of each others’ way.

And yet, impossibly, crying, crawling, cursing…he managed to get his body into the light before the

inevitable utter collapse.

“Please god just let it leave me alone. Please let it be allergic.” Were the only coherent words he spoke

between gasps and curses, pressing his bloody hand back under his side under his armpit, as if to refuel it with more of the blood oozing from his tattered shirt.

A mewling yip interrupted his fevered pleas as a pair of golden eyes glowed materialized in the darkness, just out of the street lamps range. A thin gray tail sporting a wicked barb tipped in red, dipped into the lamplight and sizzled like burgers on a grill, darkening visibly before it was jerked back with a hiss. The eyes floated well above a normal man’s eye level for a long moment before vanishing.

A sigh of relief and victim was searching his pockets one handed desperately, trying his best to push out all thoughts of what had happened to his friends out of his mind. Finally in his right front pocket he

found it…his cellphone, fully charged and with four bars glowing in green.

He raised it in a shaking hand and was just about to dial when the streetlight was crushed with a squealing protest, as if something had fallen on it from above. The merciful blessed lifesaving light was doused in a stuttering heartbeat, the only thing he could see was the phone itself by it’s own glow. He knew it wouldn’t be enough. He hit dial on the phone, hoping against hope.

Before the call went through to the police however, a thump and golden eyes spotted over the phone

killed all coherent thought and speech. The phone illuminated a small face, perhaps that of a small child, but gray and distorted with scars and thick wrinkles. And the teeth… huge pointed yellow affairs

somewhat like a sharks’, built only to cause damage.

Then even as his mind’s door lost a hinge, a whistling met his ears and the eyes lost contact with his own, the head bouncing along the concrete and stopping at his foot as the bisected neck spurted it’s purple ichor.

Stupidly he turned in the direction of the sound…to see red eyes swaying closer. At last it was too much, and the acidic aroma of urine added itself to the undefinable yet eye watering stench currently

wafting from the creatures’ fluids.

“Relax human; it’s your lucky night. An ambulance is no doubt already on route, and you are mostly intact. I am sorry about your friends though.”

The figure walked past him without a glance, retrieving the implement he threw, and walked off

without a backwards glance at the drooling barely alive mass twitching itself away from him in fits.




So I got sidetracked by writing; and totally forgot about this for several months.

It doesn’t look like I pissed too many people off by doing that.

That said, I feel I need help from the community here. What would you all like to see? Stories posted, poems, reviews on books and tales I have read? Please take the time to let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.