1/18/2015 blogging 101 assignment; prompts.


Let me first start out by saying, I haven’t really had a problem in getting writer’s block yet, and therefore don’t see a reason to think of or deal with prompts designed to move one past such.

Yes a snide tongue sticking out of my mouth to you all, I am so much better at ideas than all of you! (But not really, my problem is actually too much, not too little, and that can be every bit as bad. Don’t hate me because I joke!)

But in order to do this assignment, I had to pick one, and I chose this:


The last time I wrote anything substantive is… this morning.You see, I’m a bit crazy. I write a version of cliff’s notes on actual paper to every story I write, because my memory is terrible.

This notebook contains pages of information on brainstorming, actual ideas, and the characters and plots involved. It’s a hard copy version of a form of bible. Yes I have a hard drive and flash drive with all that information too, but I like redundant back ups, just in case.

So, for me the age of the pen isn’t quite dead yet. Maybe in another 20 years.


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