Blogging 101 assignment.


As anyone who has visited this blog knows, I’m learning how to do this, I’m not a pro. The assignment this time is to blog on another blog; something that I felt strongly enough about to comment on.

The blog dejour is this one: and the blog is “why stories sit on the shelf.”

My comment to the blog at the time was “How do you tell the difference?” As in, how do you tell the difference between a story you want to shelve and a story you can keep working on.

Her answer was enlightening, to say the least. But it brought out a fundamental difference in the type of people we are. I can’t save anything in the way Amy Inverness does.

My own insanity will eventually lead me to purge it. I have to trick myself, and put a story out into the ether somewhere, or it gets burned.

I did that to a good 15 years worth of stories and poems, and I don’t see a way to stop that process without a little cheating. Even editing my own works makes my fingers itch for the delete key. I have to fight that urge almost daily.

The cheating of course, means that anyone who knows where to look can benefit, by seeing what I’m up to.


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 assignment.

  1. Creation on any sort should not be wasted, recycled maybe but never trashed. Art and writing are much the those scraps of doodles or poems never know when they might strike a cord or get published. Great post cheers!

    • I couldn’t agree more, but sanity and myself have issues getting along sometimes. That’s why I end up cheating a little, even to the point of publishing first drafts.

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