Blog update, roughly a week.


Or just a rough week. Guess I’m too boring to get people in here.

I’m sad now.

In my sadness I will post another story snippet:

   I stood patiently in line with the rest of my peers, looking around the old warehouse sized building. Packed bleachers filled with chattering, screaming parentage, the school colors of blue and grey everywhere muted by black robes and stupid hats. Heavy hot and itchy, we all stood in differing states of anger or irritation, waiting for the long winded jerk bag to get on with the names.

“Lisa Nule.”

The sparkly energetic blonde next to me that never gave me the time of day screamed in joy and went to get her diploma and listen to the inane mouthings of congratulations from our principle. Finally.

“Melvin Numen.”

I stood up and walked over, amongst the cheers and catcalls. I was not well beloved by our wonderful school body, being of small stature, large intellect, and ‘nerdy’ appearance. A winner of schoolastic bowls and terrible at sports, and voted most likely to turn warlock. The last was a source of chagrin, as I really didn’t see myself as the vengeful school shooting humanity hating jackass type.

“Congratulations young man.”

The principle, a jolly balding man nearing his 50’s murmured, snapping me out of my spiraling thoughts. Screw it, celebrate now, worry about later when it happens. I took my silly piece of paper rolled into a scroll and left to make way for the next poor schmuck to get out of the institutional madhouse and on to higher learning.

An eternity later, the last person was called, Frederick willington the 3rd, and we had all officially graduated and caps flew. As quickly as I could, I escaped the madhouse crush of other students also trying to escape. The noise was just short of sanity threatening. I crested the human wave, heading towards where I last saw my parents.

My father, the normal one, was a cop. Not a beat cop, he worked his way up. He was a detective, working narcotics. At 6 feet 1 inch, he was average height and build, with wiry muscle and a slight athletic bent. His was a face that couldn’t stand out in a crowd, or be described without describing half of the population of the United States. This belied a quick wit and sharp mind. if not for the weatherbeaten exterior age had wrought, people would no doubt say I was his younger brother. I took after him almost entirely, and was very proud of his accomplishments.

My mother was a loon. Not one of those nice harmless airheaded types of loons, I mean she was just ever so slightly bent in ways that made you cock your head to the side in wonderment in the best of times….and made you outright fear for your life on bad days. She was also hotter than the fires of hell, as the saying goes. Rich auburn hair, green eyes, a playboy centerfold’s body and a card carrying meds taking fruit loop. I knew she’d never hurt me, it was obvious she loved me, but I wasn’t so sure about anyone else. Even now, knowing what to look for, I could spot 3 combat daggers secreted on her person… anyone else would no doubt only see the amazing green dress she wore.

She ran up to me in a way that drew the eyes of every guy in the vicinity to her person…or her front. Inwardly I cringed; she was not wearing a bra …again.

“Great job honey! You did it!”

“I graduated mom, yes. It’s something anyone can do.”

“But you did it without any eldritch horrors eating the school, or the principle shooting you all, or…..”

“Darling, that is enough. The school is well protected. And Melvin, don’t be a smartass to your mother.”

“Yes dad, sorry mom.”

“I don’t mind honey, I just want pictures! Hold still and smile!”

I did as ordered, suppressing that inward sigh as dad was watching.

A small eternity and many digital camera flashes later, dad broke it up.

“Alright Sam, that’s enough, if we don’t hurry we won’t make our reservations.”

“Oh, ok.” She pouted, somehow managing to look around 20, instead of the 46 I knew her to be.

“So where are we headed?”

“Headed to the finest in the land Melvin…the Retreat.”

My mother’s eyes lit up even as I groaned. The retreat was a hole…sure the food was great, but it was always filled with holier than thou spiritualists, including the owner. they always had some new age flavor of the week thing going on there. But the reason mom and dad liked it, and the main reason it was always packed, was that it seemed absolutely free from demon attack.


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